Kitty Power

Conspiracy Theory

A few months ago at the Chappelle tapings, the warm-up comedian told a joke about how men strategically plan to be single in the space between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day and then get back into relationships on February 15th. At the time, I laughed and laughed as I languished in my winding down 2003 and into 2004 good fortune. But is it me or are the fucking couples multiplying every day? Ugh. Fucking singles, climb back out from under your rocks please! Now, I think of that joke and I feel a little bitter. Lina and I felt slightly ill in 419, a surefire former hookup central, as the facesuckers seemed to dominate the room. Go home and leave the nightlife for those of us who want to get drunk and cruise!
That boy turned out to be a bust. Figures. I got slightly ahead of myself there. I’m not as bummed as I could be. My romantic attention span is ever so fleeting nowadays. Still, I felt pangs when I met up Sunday night with P. Diddy and his new boy on their guerilla visit to town. I don’t really remember what it’s like to be all newly in love and have everything that person does be amazing. I smiled on them, really happy for PD, and on the way home, feeling kinda down on myself. Times like this when it’s cold and I’m in the most blah of states, I think that it would be nice. I’m sure I’ll feel very differently tomorrow.
Nevertheless, what I can’t bring about for myself, I’m all about giving to someone else. I’m masterplanning matchmaking picks for the party. To spice it all up a bit. Should be amusing.

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