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The Inevitable Post

If you glance to the right, you’ll notice that in gold is the countdown to my birthday. 35 days and counting, kids. 22 has been a very good year and 23 shall only be better as I cruise towards where I want to be: namely, 25.
I’ve decided to do a public service and periodically update this post as what I want, am planning and such. March 11th is the party day — hopefully one of several. I plan to celebrate my birthday until I’ve lost the will to do so — or my liver fails. Whichever comes first. I should be in town on the day itself unless I can wrangle a way to stay in Miami through the day after, that is if no pressing job type deals interrupt my fun. I’m sure it’s not hard to guess where the party shall be, but time and location are forthcoming. It is still weeks away after all.
And now the wish list:

Plain Gravy, courtesy of 222 Gallery. Girls L, Mens M

You probably thought I was kidding about that. Hell fucking no! I deserve a chalice!
I’m also in search of the soundtracks for Beat Street and/or Krush Groove, preferably in vinyl. Or let me dig for it or something else myself.
And the alkie in me wants some good port. I had it recently at a school friend’s dinner and I was about to house it for real.
A shit bitch bear, no doubt.
A Neighborhoodie gift certificate would be very nice. Thanks.

Items from my Girlshop registry.
Oh, Junior’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Always very necessary.
And that is all I want besides people at the party. For now at least.

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