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End of the Week

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This has been a long ass week. Probably because I’ve been averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night. I’m beat, super beat…so beat I might stay in for the weekend. Haha. Yeah right!
I’ve officially tired of shopping. Especially since I seem to be an asshole about it. I go into these blackouts and buy all this shit that I just have to return a few days later. Those 3 1/2 inch pumps that I will kill my simple self trying to walk in? Gone. That blazer that just isn’t made for a girl with a substantial ass? Gone. Fucking pleated skirt like I even wear fucking pleats. What was I thinking? Gone. My fly ass coat can stay. I made out like a bandit on that one for cheaper than Bluefly. It makes me feel like a grown-up.
I felt not so much like a grownup sending an email to myself with the subject line “Squee!” and writing inside a number I got with another “squee.”
I Will Not Get Another Hopeless Crush. I Will Not Get Another Hopeless Crush. I Will Not Get Another Hopeless Crush.
But, at least those are fun. All the excitement with none of the responsibilities and potential fallout. It also lead me to realize that I’m a sucker for a good phone voice. The person whose number I got off the caller ID got me with that low “what’s up with you, girl” type inflection. Farmer was good for that too. Good phone gets you everywhere, as does a little bit of mystery. I’m a real big sucker for the reserved yet sharp ones. I just end up being a sucker a lot, despite always knowing better. Live and learn I suppose.
PrincessNella and I went to the Chappelle’s Show taping last night. He’s one funny fucker. I should be all in the camera laughing myself stupid with the Kangol cocked to the side as usual. Sometimes I do almost sleep in that thing because I forget it’s on. I’d make a change but I haven’t been grabbed by anything. Those engineer caps don’t really fit me — probably the one fucking hat that doesn’t. Maybe I’ll recycle the fedora or rather, since it’s cold, invest in another brightly colored hat I can pull down. People used to be able to spot me all the way across a field with my electric blue hat. I miss it.

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  1. Love that coat!
    (ps- sometimes we need hopeless crushes. Dunno why, we just do!)

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