Kitty Power

Finally…Celebration Time!

I am done. Finished. I have conquered the yearbook! And I didn’t have a nervous breakdown! Woo hoo!
So, I didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m considering not even trying because I want to be on the bus out of this place at 10:40. I’m going to be super zombie today in New York but who gives a fuck because I don’t have to leave there again!
I actually like the book again. The beginning section’s kinda touch and go because that’s before I got the hang of PageMaker and when the Devil Mac was only beginning to show what it was capable of. But, the rest of it — especially the senior section and my personal spin on Wes arts, politics and events — I have to say is pretty awesome. A totally original design. I was really on when I came up with that.
I’m considering making one more trip back (yeah, I know…that blows. But, there’s something to be said for coming here without the deadline stress on my mind) to clean up my office and finally send those pictures back to people. What I really want to just go around the room with a big trash bag and throw all this shit out. Goodbye graduating seniors list! Sayonara clubs! Ciao layout and proof guides! If I wasn’t so exhausted and still having to print and package up all this shit for the mailman, I’d do it now.
This is pretty sweet though. If I wasn’t going to feel like shit later on and didn’t have my job interview bright early tomorrow morning, I’d go out tonight and booze it up and dance the likes of which NYC has never seen. I need to celebrate this shit. I don’t think anyone could possibly comprehend what a fucking massive life-eating project this book has been. Especially since I’ve done about 90% of the work all alone when I could’ve been studying, working or just unwinding because as the most high strung person I (and I’m sure my friends also) know, when I don’t get my destress time, I’m the biggest craziest bitch of the East no doubt. I won’t go as far and say that the book ruined my spring semester, but pretty fucking close. But who cares? I made it through and only had to talk to the school shrink about it once — but that doesn’t even count since most of that time was spent talking about what a dick my housemate was. And I didn’t even have a panic attack, so I’m ahead of my directorial episode sophomore year. *shudder* Now that was an episode. So, it’s all good. My summer starts today. I’m so excited!

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