Kitty Power

Yo ho ho, and a Bottle of Rum…

Did my last post come up 3 times or is this office Mac just possessed like I always imagined it was? (ETA: Yeah, it was actually there multiple times. That was an accident from last night. I deleted it but forgot to republish. Oops. Blogger is so complicated sometimes. Well, not really. I just forgot.)
So, last night…I didn’t do any work. I did go hang with P. Diddy for the first time since the night before Graduation when he saved my ass by finding someone with an extra cap and gown. (Oh, I never told that story? I’ll get around to it. Typical Candice. Believe me.) He and a couple of other people I like — a few of whom are making the NYC exodus in a few months — sat around, drank, talked gossip, and all that good stuff. I was wonderfully happy at 1am (in my defense, we started about 9) when I trotted back to my friends’ place and watched a bit of a movie before going to bed.
I even dragged my carcass out of bed at 7:15 — a major feat for me, definitely. Today is super work day. I have two empty sigs (sets of 16 pages), one that is 4 pages from being done and two to edit and print standing between me and tomorrow when I get the fuck out of Middletown…at least until the proofs come back. I’m so close to being gone for good, I can almost see it. Though, it is somewhat comforting to know that a good chunk of my class is up here in limbo before heading to NYC or wherever. Damn school has us and won’t let go! At least we can party like it’s Senior Week for a little while longer. I should take some more pictures. Who’d know the difference?

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