Kitty Power


*sigh* I fell off the motivation train.
I started off so well today. I woke up from this really bizarre dream involving a prof and stuff I’d rather not talking about with the thought in my head, “it’s sure a nice Thursday. FUCK! It’s Thursday? 12:30pm on Thursday! I have 32 pages to lay out before 7! Ack!” I didn’t know I could shower and run up a hill so fast.
I was such a good girl until about 3:30 when I got hungry. Corrected my proofs and finally finished correcting this other set of 16 before running off to the “deli” for a sandwich and assorted other teeth rotting things. Almost an hour later, I’m still working on the sandwich and just snapped out of the blog surfing procrastination. I suck. But, at least I’m not melting today. Have to give myself props where I can.

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