Kitty Power


Ah…feel a lot of better. Mmmm…cherry pie for breakfast. The kid in me is thrilled.
I think the problem with the book thing is that the hassles are outweighing the pros about now. I graduated almost 3 weeks ago yet here I am, still working on this. I’m working alone which sucks my invisible nuts and there’s so many little tasks that make up this work. I’m Stressed! majorly on the regular and being up here never fails to make me feel trapped. Doing this ruined my senior year and spring semester in ways that I can’t even comprehend right now because I’m still caught up in everything. On the pro side, this really is my book. For all intents and purposes, it’s Candice and Friends 2003 with guest appearances by other members of my class. Heh. That’s been pretty fun. I’ve definitely thrown some questionable stuff in there just to mess with people, omitted folks because I could and put others in just so I can have a visual reference to jog a story down the road. This book is my baby. I feel it’s an appropriate metaphor since I’ve sacrificed a lot to help this fucker grow and develop and no one’ll be happier than me in September/October when it can go out and stand on its own…or something. And I have a feeling having this project behind me is gonna help a lot on the job front…a girl can dream, eh?
I’m in a serious diva song mood today. Since the shower, I’ve been internally jamming to Club 69, “I Look Good.” “They love me, they hate me/But they all say, I look good.” Sing it, girl! All I need now is to hear “Frank Sinatra” and it would be the perfect day. I have to go home today! Thinking about those songs has me in a serious house mood. I think I’ll go to a big club for a switch this weekend. I’ve been wanting to tackle Centro-Fly for a min, though trying to go to a known tourist trap on a weekend night is asking for my head to explode. Ah well. We’ll see how it all plays out later.

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