Kitty Power

Random Snatches of Thoughts on A Thursday Morning

Motherfucker! It’s raining!…Jesus, was that country music they had on in Neon? This town goes to hell when Wes kids are gone…Did I really come all the way over here when Marco’s is so much closer to my office? Hungry people make no sense. I need to stop starving myself so I can get my brains back…Oh shit, I’ve got a cup of coffee. I mean business today!…“A-T-L nigga, Shawty/Pimpin’s how I put it down/Grindin’ hard everyday, Chevys ride through ya town/23’s on the truck, Ask me if I give a fuck”…Hmm…that’s pretty cheap for one bedroom in Clinton Hill…No email? That’s wack. Maybe I’ll write some…They really must’ve stood Christina on a box to make her anywhere near Justin’s height and her hair looks like horrible Halloween wig…helloo, Mr. Timberlake! He might be a little on the skinny side (I see more rib cage than washboard), but that’s damned fine. I need to go back to NYC post haste…Hmm…that’s a little expensive for my poor ass, but definitely cute. I can find something close enough at H&M, I’m sure…Okay, I need to stop bullshitting for real.

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