Kitty Power


So, over on The Ruckus, I sent out a call for Arby’s while commenting on something totally unrelated. And you know what, success! You bet your ass, I’m making an Arby’s trek. Actually, it won’t be that hard. There’s a bus that goes from my house to here and this is right next to my closet shopaholic father’s favorite mall. That’s also the place I saw Prodigy from Mobb Deep one Christmas. Is there some sort of law that most rappers have to be around my height? Poor little Napoleans. Anyhoo, anybody want a Beef & Cheddar when I get back to town? Possibly this weekend since this time tomorrow the book should be done, done, done minus proof corrections. It takes about a week for those to turnaround, so there’s no point — besides sending back people’s pics, if I’m feeling so inclined — for me to hang around. Viva freedom!
In other news, if I’m still unemployed and bored on July 30th, I’m calling road trip. I just wanna see Juju in another dolphin costume. Heh. Not really…well, yeah I do, but that’s not the only reason. Isley Brothers, Stones, Guess Who, Flaming Lips. Sounds like a good time. All for $16 plus travel expenses. Alex and the band guys made a stop in TO last summer on their tour and the pics made the place look like some serious fun. Might as well live it up especially since that’s the last week of my Mommy nagging free summer. We have a deal that I can be as leisurely as I want about this job thing until August 1st. Tick, tick.

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