Kitty Power


I have been liberated from Middletown.
I did about 60 pages to cover for what was lost and set the next deadline for the 16th and escaped. I haven’t had time off in who knows when. Winter break, spring break, and the days since graduation have been totally consumed with this freaking book. I need a break, so I’m back in NYC. I’ve been strolling around for just under a day and I’m feeling so much better already. I’m planning on sticking around for a week or so, watching soaps, listening to music, sitting around the house like shlub all day, shopping, dancing up an storm for my nights, seeing friends, generally chilling the fuck out. All work and no play makes Candicissima stupendously miserable.
Here’s to some minor debauchery and major relaxation…at least until next week when I go back to finish everything off.

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